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Why Press Releases?

Press releases are great for more than just announcing new products. Press releases, distributed either across the wire or across the Internet, are crucial tools that help increase the visibility of your business. Press releases are more than just publicity, they’re a way for you to tell your story and get it heard by your customers. Want to know how? Grab our free download of “7 Uses for Press Releases (Besides the Obvious),” click here. If you’re looking for ideas on press release topics for your business, drop me a line and we’ll see what I can do for you.

But How Do I Distribute My Press Releases?

Marketwire, PR Newswire, Businesswire, Agoracom; Video News Releases, Rich Media Releases, Social Media Release–the list of ways to distribute your business news runs on and on, and it can be hard to determine what’s the most cost-effective way to achieve your P.R. objectives. Overnight PR can handle your press release distribution for you, and consult with you to find out what you’re looking to achieve with your releases. I’ll help you tailor your press release’s distribution to suit your needs as well. Take a look at the pricing sheet to see what kinds of distribution services are on offer, or click here to download the briefing sheet “How To Get The Word Out: A Guide to the Different Ways to Tell Your Story and Save Money Doing It.”

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